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Are you contemplating selling your property or buying a new one?  Do you intend to donate a property for charitable contribution? Do you have a property you wish to insure? Paramount in your decision-making is value.  What will I need to pay for what I want?  What can I expect to get for what I wish to sell? What is the market value of my donation for credit towards charitable contributions? Turn to Omega Appraisals for answers to your value questions!


An appraisal prepared by a licensed appraiser is an extremely important tool to have in your hand.   An appraisal is particular to your home or other property.  It takes into account the condition of your property, the specifics of your location and character of  the neighborhood.  It accounts for the amenities of your property. It is not an average of the sales values from property sold in your neighborhood over some period of time. It is not an AVM.  It describes your property in detail and adjusts similar property's sold in the market (comparable sales) to pertinent features in your property.  As a recognized authority's on value, we can provide the experience and education required to analyze the information gathered in pursuit of appropriate value.


In a List or Buy Decision

An appraisal is the only opinion of value recognized by the lender.  When there is lender financing, the buyer pays for an appraisal but it is ordered through the lender. If you are entering into a land contract or cash deal, an appraisal is not usually required, however, it is always prudent for you to enter into the transaction fully informed by having your own appraisal done. You need an appraisal to access the most accurate information when making a buy or sell decision! Turn to Omega Appraisals for confidence in your decision making!


This is the information that will help you to avoid at least one of the major disappointments inherent to the buy/sell process - renegotiation of sales price with the buyer when the property doesn't appraise for contracted price.    An appraisal in your hand can smooth price negotiations with the prospective buyer or seller prior to inking the deal.  An appraisal in your hand can alert you to possible issues with the property affecting value prior to listing or purchasing the property.  Is there an issue with municipal codes; repairs that need to be made before transfer of the property? Can the property be sold as is? Is the property listed far above or below neighboring properties? Why? Where is the disconnect?


An appraisal is the personal property of the one who orders it.  If you are ordering an appraisal for the sale or purchase of a property, you are under no obligation to share it with the other party to the transaction.  Turn to Omega Appraisals,  it may be helpful if you do!


In a Donate or Insure Decision

An appraisal can help you to determine the value of an asset being given over to another.  Omega Appraisals, LLC provides opinions of value only for real property : land, land with buildings- commercial and residential.  (There are appraisal specialties that deal with other classes of assets: machinery and equipment, jewelry and collectibles, etc. ) If you wish to donate a piece of land or building to charity or to another person, or wish to insure or challenge an adjusters claim,  an appraisal will provide the best support for the deduction taken on your income tax return or to the insurer for value of your property.  Turn to Omega Appraisals for the required objective support for your financial decisions!

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